Nicco Professional Dandruff Medic Shampoo 1L

Nicco Professional Dandruff Medic Shampoo 1L

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Descriptions:Nicco shampoo carries a wide range of products in its belt to ensure that we can cater to your various hair types and needs. Our products range from shampoos to hair mask. Hair mask like our Mulberry Mask is an intensive hair repair and restoration therapy which improves hair texture and creates a barrier to protect strands from humity and improving frizz.


Dandruff Medic Shampoo- Control dandruff, the formula gently cleanses and reduces dandruff on all hair types.


Directions of Use:*Shampoo*- Rub a teaspoon of cleanser between damp palms until a milky emulsion forms and massage gently over the damp hair. Rinse off

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