Previa Extra Life Purifying Natural Hair Care Shampoo

Previa Extra Life Purifying Natural Hair Care Shampoo

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Purifying shampoo. Anti-dandruff. Rebalancing. Soothing. Ideal for counteracting dandruff, normalising sebum secretion and reducing irritations. Counteracts scaling on the scalp and reduces irritation. Cleanses and purifies the skin improving its elasticity. Soothes and stimulates the regeneration of cells.


Directions of Use:

• Distribute through damp hair and massage.

• Process for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

• Repeat if necessary.


You may concern:✅🌳

 97,5% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming

 A selection of active ingredients aimed at detoxifying the scalp, normalising sebum secretion and stimulating the regeneration of scalp tissues.


Green Clay  

— detoxifier and sebum regulator

 Tea Tree Oil 

 — antiseptical antimycotic properties.

 Taraxacum *, Burdock Root * Milk Thistle* and Artichoke Leaf*Extracts 

 — purifying , anti-seborrheic and detoxifying properties

 Eruca Sativa Stem Cells, Nettle Extracts and Walnut

  — stimulating and astringent action

*ingredient from organic farming


Delicate formula

 AIAB | Vegan Quality | Nickel tested

with non-aggressive, dermocompatible and environmentally-friendly ingredients of vegetal origin.

with no artificial colours

with no ingredients of animal origin

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