Previa Italy Extra Life Energising Leave In Lotion Tonic

Previa Italy Extra Life Energising Leave In Lotion Tonic

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Energising leave-in Lotion. Daily use. Anti-hair loss*. Stimulating. Invigorating. Counteracts hair thinning. Strengthens roots. Invigorates and stimulates microcirculation in the scalp. Improves skin elasticity. Carries out an astringent emollient action.

Direction of Use:

• spray on the scalp at a distance of 1-2cm and massage.

• Do not rinse.

• It can be applied to dry or wet towel-dried hair.

*coadjuvant in the prevention of temporary hair loss. 


You May Concern:🌳✅

98% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming

A blend of natural ingredients of vegetable origin with toning and energizing action.


 (stimulated stem cells from grape berries, bioliequefied eruca sativa, bioliquefied green walnut) — regenerating and energising action, helps to reduce and prevent hair loss prolonging the life cycle of hair.

Nettle Extract* — astringent action. Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp

It also contains: caffeine, essential tea tree oil, essential lavender oil, piroctone olamine, vitis vinifera leaf and clove extracts.

* organic certified ingredient


Delicate Formula

 with no artificial colours

with no ingredients of animal origin




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